Can You Play Mario Kart On Xbox? – All You Need To Know

Can You Play Mario Kart On Xbox

Mario Kart is one of the most iconic games ever known. It is a classic video game that many people love to play. Moreover, this racing game was created by Nintendo. It lets users race against one another by choosing their favorite Mario series characters. Besides, many game lovers ask, ‘Can you play Mario Kart on Xbox?’ The game is exclusively accessible on a variety of platforms. These include Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Wii U. The game isn’t available on Xbox consoles yet. Moreover, to know whether or not you can play it on some versions of Xbox, Howtomentors will provide you with all the answers. Read below to learn the details. 

Can I Play Mario Kart On Xbox One?

The simple answer to ‘Can you play Mario Kart on Xbox One,’ is No. You cannot play this game on Xbox One consoles. Moreover, the game is only accessible on Nintendo platforms. However, Xbox users can still enjoy several incredible games. Besides, many Xbox models have games similar to Mario Kart.

Furthermore, the wide variety of racing games on Xbox One provides an interesting and thrilling game experience. Moreover, you can enjoy some of the famous racing games. These include Need for Speed Heat, Forza Horizon 4, Dirt 5, Project Cars 3, etc. 

Does Xbox Series S & X Offer Mario Kart?

Although the game isn’t accessible on Xbox One, some users wonder, ‘Can you play Mario Kart on Xbox Series S’ or ‘Can you play Mario Kart on Xbox Series X.’ However, just like Xbox One consoles, you cannot play it on these versions either. Moreover, you cannot enjoy other genre games on Xbox X and S series. 

Xbox Series S and X offer a wide selection of games from genres, including action-adventure, sports games, and first-person shooter games, etc. Besides, you also play racing games like F1 2021, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered, etc. 

Why Can’t I Play Mario Kart On Xbox?

Nintendo exclusively owns Mario Kart. That is the reason it isn’t available on any other gaming console. Moreover, the company owns all the rights to the game series. That is why Mario Kart is only accessible on their consoles. Besides, this is probably because Nintendo wants to keep the franchise popular. 

However, you cannot play Mario Kart on the Xbox series because it lacks the hardware required to play the game. Moreover, only Nintendo systems have the specialized hardware needed for the game. It’s another reason why you can’t play the game on Xbox. 

Are There Similar Games To Mario Kart On Xbox?

If you love playing Mario Kart, you’ll surely enjoy these other racing game options available on Xbox consoles: 

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

This game is comparable to Mario Kart. It has characters from the Sonic franchise. Besides, it’s an incredible game offering multiplayer mode. Moreover, you can race against other players while enjoying the game’s racing genre. 

Beach Buggy Racing

This game is a bit different from Mario Kart. The game features off-road vehicles. Moreover, it’s a fun racing game. Besides, it offers various unique modes. These include a multiplayer mode, career mode, time trials, and so on. 

F1 2019

If you love playing Formula One Racing, this game is your one-stop solution! Moreover, this game also features various modes like time trails, multimode, etc. Besides, it includes all the circuits, teams, and drivers from the 2019 season, which makes it even more fun. 

Is There Any Way To Play Mario Kart On Xbox?

Even though Xbox does not support Mario Kart, you can use a few workarounds. Moreover, you can play the game on your Xbox. So, if you’re looking for other ways ‘can you play Mario Kart on Xbox,’ here’s your answer:


If you wish to play Mario Kart on your Xbox, use an emulator. It is a program that allows you to execute software. Besides, it is specially made for one platform on another platform. Moreover, remember that using this platform might be illegal and cause harm to your console.

Streaming Services

Another useful answer to ‘can you play Mario Kart on Xbox,’ is using some game streaming platforms. These include Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia. Moreover, you can stream games using these services. It’s because they let you stream games from their servers. Besides, you don’t have to install the game separately on the console. You must have a stable internet connection to use these services. 


To put it shortly, Xbox offers a wide variety of racing games. Moreover, you can enjoy these easy games on any Xbox console version. Besides, if you think, ‘Can you play Mario Kart on Xbox,’ you simply cannot do that as per Howtomentors. That’s because it is currently unavailable on Xbox. Further, you can use game streaming services or emulators if you still want to play it. However, you must keep in mind that it may be illegal. Besides, it is more likely to damage the console.

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