Can You Track An iPhone Without Service? – A Complete Guide 

Can you Track an iPhone without Service

iPhone provides its users with several privacy and security features. Besides, iOS software comes with tight regulations. It makes tracking challenging. Moreover, there can be a situation when you misplace your iPhone or lose it. It can also happen when you don’t have internet service. In that case, you might need to know, ‘Can you Track an iPhone without Service?’ Moreover, this simple question can be pretty helpful in times of need. Furthermore, you can learn about someone’s everyday activities and save the burden of making frequent calls and texts by tracking their iPhone. Howtomentors will get all your queries resolved! So, read until the end to learn various techniques to track an iPhone without service or someone else’s iPhone. 

How To Track An iPhone Without Service?

There can be instances where your iPhone gets stolen or for other reasons. Besides, in this case, many people ask, ‘can you track an iPhone without service?’ Surely you can! Moreover, there are many ways through which you can track down your iPhone without having internet. Below are mentioned some of these easy methods: 

Use Find My App

If you’ve misplaced your iPhone, you can easily use the ‘Find My App’ on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. You can also use this app on someone else’s device in your family or log in to on a browser. Moreover, to avail of this app, you must have the latest Mac or iOS with a recent version of macOS. Besides, it must be logged in with the same Apple ID. With the most recent watchOS version, you can also use the Find Devices app on your Apple Watch. Here’s how to use it:

  • Open your iPhone and go to the ‘Fine My App.’
  • Select the ‘Items’ or ‘Devices’ tab.
  • To locate the missing device or item, click on it. You can find the devices in your group if you are a member of a family-sharing group.
  • To view its location in Maps, select ‘Directions.’

Furthermore, if you have turned on the Find My Network, you can quickly locate your missing item without the internet. Moreover, it is an anonymous encrypted network of several Apple devices to help you find your device. 

Use The Compass App

Another method to get your iPhone’s GPS coordinates is to use the Compass App. it is an easy way to know ‘can you track an iPhone without service.’ Moreover, you don’t need to install this app on your iPhone as it comes pre-installed. Further, follow these steps:

  • Go to your iPhone and select the ‘Compass App.’ Ensure that GPS Location Sharing is enabled on the iPhone.
  • The coordinate for the iPhone will appear below in the Compass.
  • Select the coordinate for over three seconds and click ‘Copy.’
  • Launch the iPhone’s messaging app and paste the coordinate.
  • To send your location using mobile data via SMS. 

How To Track Someone Else’s iPhone Without Permission?

Many people are curious to know, ‘Can you track someone’s iPhone without their permission?’ It is possible to do so. Besides, many people track other person’s iOS devices in case of theft or misplacement. Moreover, there are some ways to do that. Here are some quick and easy methods to track someone else’s iPhone device.

Try MSpy App

Android and iOS devices come with built-in tracking features. But you can also use third-party apps to track down someone’s iPhones. Moreover, mSpy is considered a reliable way to do that. It is a parental tracking platform that lets parents track their kids’ online activity and interaction. Besides, this app offers several tracking options. 

Furthermore, if you want to install this app, you must obtain its subscription. Once you have it, you can follow up with these instructions:

  • On your web browser, go to
  • Create an account on the platform.
  • Select the device type you wish to monitor.
  • Choose a subscription plan from one, three, or twelve months.
  • Finish the purchase. And start the installation process. 

Use Google Timeline

The Google Timeline technique tracks and locates the person using the GPS capability. Besides, it is an easy method. It is because Google tracks a person’s locations recently or frequently visited. Moreover, if you want this method to work smoothly, ensure the user’s phone number is turned on.

Here’s how you can use this technique:

  • Log in to the user’s Google Account.
  • Visit the Google Timeline App by going to Google Timeline’s website. 
  • To display the chronological history of the chosen person, choose a specific date or ‘Today.’
  • Browse through the results and pick the most current location update. 

Try Localize. Mobi 

This platform works for both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, you don’t need to go through the installation process to have Localize. Mobi. It only requires a user’s phone number and is entirely private. Besides, these features make this platform for tracking another person’s iPhone the best.

The following are the simple steps to use it:

  • Visit the Localize. Mobi website.
  • Select ‘Try Now’ to create an account on the platform.
  • To buy the trial subscription, provide your credit card information.
  • Type the person’s phone number whose location you want to track.
  • A text would be sent to the target’s number. Further, the target must accept the terms and conditions. 


Simply put, many third-party apps can sometimes help you monitor someone’s iPhone. Besides, knowing about ‘can you track an iPhone without service’ can be extremely helpful in many situations like theft, misplacement, etc. Moreover, many people don’t have internet services. In this case, you can use any of the abovementioned methods to keep track of your device. 

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