How Can I See Who Shared My IG Story- Ultimate Guide

How Can I See Who Shared My IG Story

Sharing stories of others on your Instagram account is one of the most common features of the application. Do you know? Anybody can easily reshare personal stories on their Instagram account secretly. In that case, you must maintain some privacy measures to secure your data. You should be aware of the person who shares your story without permission. How Can I See Who Shared My IG Story? Most content creators face this issue when they post a story on their public accounts. 

Instagram makes changes in its security policies occasionally. Subsequently, you need to update the application to maintain your privacy. Let’s know who reshares your IG stories. 

How To Control The Accessibility Of Your IG Story?

To know who shared your story on their wall, you must first take control of your account’s accessibility. Moreover,  keep particular things in mind while posting any story. One of the most crucial things is account privacy. If you have a private account, you can send the story to only those you follow. 

Finally, you receive notifications if the person mentions your name in their stories. At times, people do not take permission and reshare your story. However, the strange thing is you will not be able to know that person’s name anyway.

In addition, you can see the number of shares of your story through a specific process. Otherwise, there is no way to know the further account details of the person who reshared your story.

Steps To See Who Shared My Instagram Story?

Sometimes, we become curious about who reshared our personal story on their wall. Now the question is, ‘Can I see who shared My ig story?’ HowtoMentors is here to rescue you! If you cannot see the anonymous person’s name, you can now pinpoint it. Moreover, you can also see the number of shares. Let’s follow the steps to learn how to check who shared my Instagram story.

  • Firstly, you will open your IG account and post a story. 
  • Once you post your story, you will click on the story to open it. 
  • Click on the insight button.
  • You will see a few options in the ‘insight’ icon. 
  • You will see the “share” option when you scroll down the insight icon. 
  • Here is where you can find the number of shares of your particular story.
  • You can now discover the names of those who reshared your story.

How Can I See Who Screenshot My IG Story?

Taking a screenshot is common and unethical in invading someone’s privacy. Eventually, Instagram solved this problem through instant notifications. Unfortunately, this is only possible if you are an iPhone user. Contrarily, you can also get notifications immediately if someone takes a screenshot of your profile or wall. Consequently, iPhone is much safer than the Android.

Can I See Who Shared My IG Story On iPhone?

With time, the new features will help you with improved security in the application. Although it does not matter whether you have an iPhone or Android, you can not see the person’s name. In addition, the users expect Instagram to resolve the issue soon. Moreover, you witness positive updates on Instagram after its launch from time to time. 

How Do I See Reshares On Instagram?

If someone shares your story, you can get notifications for it. Moreover, you can be notified when someone is following you. The con of this feature is that you do not get any information or notifications for people you don’t follow. People with private accounts can reshare your story without you getting any notifications. There are few applications available that claim to identify the person’s name. 

However, it is suggested to avoid falling for such applications. There needs to be proof of their authenticity as they need to be integrated with Instagram beta. They can be inaccurate, so it’s better to avoid these applications. Almost every content creator faces this issue nowadays. Therefore, there is a possibility that Instagram will officially launch a feature to avoid this mess.

Who Shared My Instagram Story?

Instagram is one of the biggest platforms for content creation. It has been a business or market for many content creators and marketers. All professional content creators demand assurance of their privacy. As Snapchat can quickly notify you when someone screenshots or replays your snap. Similarly, Instagram will also improve its privacy terms and conditions. 


In conclusion, we can wait for the new Instagram updates to protect our story or profile. The answer to the big question, ‘Can I see who shared My ig story?’ is a NO. However, you can identify the number of shares. If someone mentions or tags you in their story, you can only see that person’s name. Moreover, you will get notifications if someone with a public account shares your story. Furthermore, if that person is following you or you are following that person, you will also get notifications accordingly. That is how it rolls!

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