how do i unlink my facebook from call of duty mobile

how do i unlink my facebook from call of duty mobile

Gaming is more than a hobby now. People are using different platforms to showcase their mobile gaming experience. One of the best examples is the call of duty linked with social media applications. Thus, you can connect the game with Facebook to share seamless achievements. At times, the linked applications send you unnecessary notifications and confirmations. Though, it can frustatracts and distract you while playing. Indeed, unlinking can help you. How do i unlink my facebook from call of duty mobile?

Moreover, losing your Facebook credentials can also be a reason for unlinking the application from the game. Undoubtedly, people can hack your gaming account. Consequently, it can be exasperating for you. Eventually, no one wants to lose their mind on such things. For that, learn tips for unlinking the game from Howtomentors. 

How Do I Unlink My Facebook From Call of Duty Mobile?

Privacy concerns can make you wonder, “How do i unlink my Facebook from call of duty mobile?” For that, access the COD profile>>tap in gear icon to access settings>>select Facebook login and tap on “unlink Facebook.” 

How to Unlink Facebook From Cod Mobile? 

Every applications needs to link with some email or number to process in the system. Thus, this linking provides the baseline to run the application. Moreover, it also helps in the confirmation for the user of the application. Similarly, the linking of call of duty with facebook provides the security of the user. Thus, you can share your gaming experience with your followers through linking of game with facebook. At times, it can manic to showcase your gaming with strangers in your facebook account. For that unlinking can help you. How do i unlink my facebook from call of duty mobile? 

  • Firstly, open teh call of duty application on mobile. 
  • Eventually, navigate to the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Hence, the gear icon steer to the setting of the application. 
  • Consequently, look for the facebook in the setting option. 
  • Thus, select the “unlink facebook account” from the list. 
  • Ultimately, the account is unlinked from the game. 

Unlinking Facebook From Cod Mobile 

Why do you need to unlink the game from the facebook? Though the linking provides you an easy access to the game. Still, there are parameter that you need to consider. Moreover, privacy concerns are genuine issue for you. Thus, the easy access can be an unfavourable condition for you. Hence, the hacking of facebook account is getting ordinary in this era. That’s why everyone can access your game accounts with the facebook accessibility. In that case, unlinking is the most preferable option for you. Ultimately, you have to be on the safe side to avoid chaos in life. 

How to Disconnect Facebook From Cod?    

With time, social media has countless cases of negativism. Almost every individual id facing some criticism and bullying on the social applications. Thus its does not only hurt but effects your mental health as well. No wonder, everyone wants to get positive output on the social media after sharing their achievements. Though its impossible to only expect optimistic approach from people. In that case, you need unlink the game from facebook can hide your achievements from people. For that, you have to answer, “how do i unlink my facebook from call of duty mobile?” Additionally, you can remove the despondency from game fellows. Undoubtedly, every passionate gamer wants to achieve good score while gaming. Consequently, having good score in the gaming is an exhibitionist for gamer. Thats why, not everyone is comfortable to show their gaming skill to the whole world. For that unlink can save your day. 

How to Detach Facebook From Cod Mobile?

Mobile games are becoming a routine of ours lives. Almost every individual has some sort of game in their mobile. Thus, the gaming is a great way to spend your time. Moreover, it also motivates you to focus on your set goals. For that reason, you can link the games like COD to your facebook application for security purpose. Eventually, the COD start sending you countless notifications while using facebook. The notifications bell can interrupt you while watching a video. Consequently, it can be a frustrating situation for you. In that way, detaching the facebook from COD seems the only option. Ultimately, you can detach the facebook from the COD profile on your mobile. 


In the end, passionate gamers always seek for showing their gaming skills to others. For that, gamers approach social media application to exhibit their skills. Though, not everyone have optimistic approach for your achievements. At times, the negativity can damage your mental health and demotivate you. Moreover, there are privacy concerns for the gamers linked with the facebook. Consequently, the unlinking can help you to emancipate your privacy. How do i unlink my facebook from call of duty mobile? Eventually, you can unlink the facebook application from the COD game. For that, access the setting option in the game profile. Furthermore, select the “unlink facebook account” from the settings. Successfully, you are done with unlinking the facebook account from the game with Howtomentors guidelines. 

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