How To Block On Injustice 2 Xbox: Tips For Blocking 

How To Block On Injustice 2 Xbox

There are many famous fighting games known today. People enjoy playing games of such genre. Moreover, Injustice 2 is one of them. It is one of the best-known video games that require talent, quick strategies, and planning. Besides, the most crucial technique in the game is blocking. This feature can be helpful when you have to protect yourself from enemies. To do this, you must know How to Block on Injustice 2 Xbox. It can come in handy if you want to avoid any attacks. Moreover, you’ll find it a bit hard if you’re a newbie to Injustice 2. But Howtomentors is here to help you! Read below to learn several blocking techniques and tips for getting the best gaming experience. 

Basics Of Blocking On Injustice 2 On Xbox

If you play Injustice 2, you probably know that blocking is a defensive tactic. It is most commonly used to prevent damage from enemy attacks. Moreover, you must hold down the block button when you want to block. This button is typically the LT button on Xbox. Besides, you’re less likely to take any damage when you use a block. You can also prevent special attacks from your opponent. 

Various Types Of Blocking On Injustice 2

There are several types of blocks on Injustice 2. These include the high block, low block, and mid-block. Moreover, you must learn about these kinds to learn ‘how to block on Injustice 2 Xbox.’ Besides following are the details of these types and how they work: 

High Block

This block is used to avoid attacks that come from atop. These include overhead or jump attacks. Moreover, if you wish to execute a high block, you must hold up the left joystick. Then you’ll have to press the block button on your Xbox. Further, you’ll find the block button with the name LT on Xbox. 

Low Block

If you see attacks coming from below, use a low block. These blocks usually include sweeps or low kicks. Besides, to use such a block, hold down the joystick on the left side of your Xbox. After that, press the block (LT) button on Xbox. 

Mid Block

This block is specifically used to block the attacks coming from the center. Moreover, examples of these kinds of attacks include mid-kicks and mid-punches. Besides, hold back on the left side joystick to perform this sort of block attack. In this case, you don’t have to press any buttons. 

When To Use The Blocks?

Before learning ‘how to block on Injustice 2 Xbox One,’ you must know how and when to use each block type correctly. Moreover, using them is extremely straightforward. Further, here are some example situations where you can use each kind of block:

High Block – You can utilize a high block whenever an opponent tries jumping on you. Besides, this block can also be used when the enemies make an overhead attack. 

Low Block – Low blocks are beneficial when rivals use a low attack. Moreover, you can use it when they try a sweep attack on you. 

Mid Block – This type of block is usually used when your enemy uses a mid-attack. Besides, you can also use it when they try attempting a series of attacks. These include low and high attacks. 

Essential Tips For Blocking

Blocking is one of the most crucial components in Injustice 2. Besides, there are some easy tricks that you can use to enhance your gameplay. Moreover, some of the most crucial tips for how to block in Injustice 2 on Xbox are as follows:

Try Practicing In Training Mode

One of the most important tips is to set up several types of attacks for your adversary to use. Moreover, you must practice blocking the enemies in training mode. This way, you will better understand various types of blocks. And when you can use them.

Observe Your Opponent’s Movements

Each of your enemy’s movements is highly crucial. These animations can give you clues about your opponent’s attacks. Moreover, you’ll have to watch over all their animations. Besides, you can easily predict their next move or attack. 

Avoid Predictability

Another essential tip for how to block on Injustice 2 Xbox is to avoid predictability. You’ll have to prevent attacks by using different attacks whenever you play. Furthermore, you will be more predictable if you keep using the same kind of blocks. Besides, your enemy can easily catch on to you. This way, they’ll start using the attacks that can avoid your block. Moreover, you must mix up all your blocks to prevent this situation. 

Try Using Frame Data

Frame data helps you determine which attacks are secure to block and which you must punish. Besides, you must know about the frame data of your character. Moreover, you also must know your enemy’s character. It is done to make better informed blocking selections. 


Concisely, mastering the blocking skill is necessary if you love to play Injustice 2. Moreover, you can easily get the upper hand in the battles. Besides, knowing about various types of blocks can be extremely helpful if you want to learn how to block on Injustice 2 Xbox. This way, you can easily defeat your enemies as per Howtomentors. Furthermore, always remember to look over your opponent’s animations, practice the blocks, and mix the blocks to keep the enemies guessing. You can employ these simple tricks while playing the game. So, get your skills to the next level by practicing the blocks today! 


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