How To Crossfade Apple Music iPhone?- A Complete Guide

Crossfade Apple Music iPhone

Are you an iPhone user and want to use the crossfade feature? Sometimes a pause in our music can ruin the listening experience. Moreover, it is why many music streaming platforms have crossfading features. Besides, many iPhone users still wonder if there is any Crossfade Apple Music iPhone. But iOS hasn’t introduced a crossfade function in iPhones yet. However, the feature is available on Windows, Android, and Mac devices. Moreover, iPhone users only have the ‘Automatic’ option to play Apple Music. So, as of now, Apple doesn’t plan to release a crossfading feature on iPhones soon. Besides, even though this function isn’t available on iOS devices, you can still crossfade your songs. Howtomentors will take you through all the methods you can use to blend in your music. So, stick to the end to know the answer. 

What Is A Crossfade Feature?

You might be thinking ‘what is a crossfade?’ In simple terms, it is an overlapping process connecting one end of a song to the start of the next.However, there is still no crossfade Apple Music iPhone available.  Moreover, many people enjoy the music playback seamlessly. Besides, songs that fade into each other can provide a smooth listening experience. The reason behind this is good crossfading is used between the music. Similarly, many devices offer this feature on Apple Music. These include Mac, Windows, and Android devices

Can I Crossfade Apple Music On iPhone?

Crossfading music on Apple Music for iPhone is currently unavailable. Moreover, it doesn’t offer a built-in capability to crossfade songs like Android or Mac. This means the music on your Apple Music library will be played back-to-back without breaks. Besides, many people want to crossfade Apple Music iPhone.  Although there isn’t an official way to do that, several workarounds exist to achieve this. You can use some third-party apps to blend in your music on Apple Music. Besides, you can also first crossfade on the app and then transfer the songs on your iPhone. Further, read below to learn about these techniques. 

Is There Any Way To Crossfade Apple Music On iPhone?

Even though you can’t directly crossfade it, you can choose other options.Crossfade Apple Music iPhone include some third-party editing apps that help you crossfade your songs. Here’s a list of some of these applications:

Use Shuffle Medley DJ

Shuffle Medley is an iPad and iPhone app. It lets you choose two songs from your music library and blend them in. Besides, the platform is simple to use. It provides you with complete control over the mix. Moreover, you can seamlessly switch between tracks.  Furthermore, the app isn’t defined to music genres. It can easily combine any two tracks from your library, regardless of genre. Besides, you can create exclusive original mixes using this app. In addition to this, the platform has a built-in equalizer. This feature allows you to adjust the sound of your crossfade easily. 

Try Audieon Music Player 

Another app to mix your tracks is the Audieon Crossfade Music Player. The app allows you to crossfade songs much more quickly. Moreover, you can have a smooth editing experience. Besides, you can adjust the mix according to your preference. The platform allows you to control the volume and fade time. Furthermore, this app is also pretty straightforward to use. You’ll start cross-fading music in no time! 


Clideo is a free web editor. You can quickly fade in/out your music using this platform. Besides, you must first download songs from your Apple Music library to use this. Further, follow the steps mentioned down below: 

  • Go to your browser and search for ‘Clideo Audio Cutter.’
  • Once it opens, select the ‘Choose Files’ option. 
  • Now upload the downloaded song to the online editor. 
  • Adjust the song duration according to your preference.
  • Next, to crossfade, select ‘Fade in’ or ‘Fade Out.’
  • Choose the ‘Export’ option to save the song offline. 

How To Crossfade Apple Music Mac

As the blending feature is available on Mac, you just need to follow these instructions to start cross-fading on Mac:

  • Open the Apple Music on your Mac.
  • Access the ‘Music’ option.
  • Select ‘Preferences.’
  • Next, choose ‘Playback.’
  • Click on the ‘Crossfade Songs’ option. Further, you can alter the transition time by using the slider.

How To Crossfade Apple Music On Android

If you are an Android user, you can easily avail yourself of this incredible mix feature. Further, follow these steps to know how to do it:

  • Open your Android device and select the three-dot icon in the top-right of the screen.
  • Click ‘Settings.’
  • A list of options will appear. From here, select ‘Audio.’
  • Now select ‘Crossfade’ from the menu.
  • To enable the crossfade option for all your Apple Music, click ‘Automatic Crossfade.’ 


To summarize, many iOS users want to have the crossfade Apple Music iPhone. Howtomentors discovered that Although it’s not available on iPhones yet, many people use alternatives to avail of this feature. Moreover, many third-party apps can come in handy if you wish to listen to your songs with the crossfade feature on your iPhone. Besides, always ensure that these apps are reliable to use. 

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