How To Disable Double Tick On Whatsapp? Explore The Methods

How To Disable Double Tick On Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a communication application that connects people from every corner of the world. Hence, it has helped many to communicate with each other without paying heavy bills for telecommunication. Almost every corporate and industry person uses this platform for communication. Moreover, you can see the “delivered” and “seen” of your texts on behalf of others. 

Ultimately, it can be frustrating when people can see you read their texts, but you don’t want them to know. You might be doing some other work at that moment. Furthermore, you do not want to make them feel bad for not replying. Eventually, you can undo anything else to avoid that text. For that reason, you can disable the double tick on your WhatsApp. How To Disable Double Tick On WhatsApp? Let’s take help from the Howtomentors to disable the double tick on WhatsApp. Keep reading till the end to get authentic answers. 

How To Disable Double Tick On Whatsapp? 

You might have been using WhatsApp for years but need expert guidelines on various issues. Thus, you can learn the basic technique to disable double ticks from WhatsApp. However, the technique can be different on multiple devices. Let’s learn how to disable the double tick on WhatsApp.  

  • For that, you need to go to WhatsApp “settings.” 
  • Moreover, you need to choose the “account” options from there. 
  • Further, select the “Privacy” option. 
  • You will scroll down until you find the turn-off receipt option. 
  • At last, you can tap on that option to turn it off. 

Furthermore, the working can be different on iOS from Android.  Also, the new update on iPhone requires new techniques for operating. Let’s see how to disable the double tick in WhatsApp on iPhone.

  • For iPhone, you will go to the “settings” after opening WhatsApp. 
  • Similarly, you will choose the “Account” option. 
  • From there, you will tap on the “privacy.” 
  • Now you can look for the “read receipts” on the iPhone. 
  • At last, you will turn it off by tapping the green button. 

Fortunately, the difference is not much, but you learned the technique for both. The only difference is the read receipts written on the iPhone settings. Moreover, there are more chances expected in the coming updates. You can expect a different technique once there is a new update on the iPhone.

How To Remove Blue Tick On Whatsapp?

With the advancements in technology, you can expect changes within an application frequently. You can take the example of Instagram and WhatsApp. Hence, you might remember the old version of these applications. Specifically, WhatsApp had no “delete the message option” a while ago. Although now, you can easily delete the message from the chat whenever you want.

Similarly, you can also hide the ‘seen’ option of your text from the chat. Thus, all these features are for the comfort of users. That’s why you must also disable the blue tick from your WhatsApp. At times, you do not want others to know about your availability. Hence, the best way to avoid this situation is to turn off your blue tick on WhatsApp. In that way, you can read and reply to others’ massage whenever you want. Eventually, there are some ways to disable the blue tick on WhatsApp. 

  • The first one is, turning on the airplane mode. Thus, you will turn on the airplane mode and read the message.
  • Another way is to go to the settings in the WhatsApp application and turn off the read receipts option from there. 
  • Furthermore, you can turn off the notifications settings from the device settings to avoid the blue tick.
  • Moreover, you will not receive notifications for the messages from this feature. 
  • At last, various applications help hide the notifications messages and blue ticks for various platforms.
  • However, that application is not associated with WhatsApp so they might put your data in danger.

How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Whatsapp?  

You might get frustrated by the unnecessary group chat in your office. Hence, you do not want to get involved in the chat, but you accidentally read the chat. Yes, that isn’t very pleasant for you. Thus, you have to reply to them now. Although not anymore if you know how to disable read receipts on WhatsApp.

Moreover, people might need clarification with turning off the read receipts and disabling double ticks. Eventually, both of these are the same. Similarly, the process of turning them is also the same. If you know how to disable double tick on WhatsApp, you can also turn off read receipts. 


Ultimately, you can ignore text messages on WhatsApp whenever you want. For that purpose, you need to disable the double tick on WhatsApp. At times, people need to be made aware of the new updates in their applications. How to disable double tick on WhatsApp?  Hence, you can turn off the double tick on WhatsApp by tapping it off in the settings. You can go to the setting and turn off the “read receipts” from the privacy option. Ultimately, these advanced features explained by Howtomentors allow you to maintain certain boundaries within your work and personal circle. 


Why do you need to turn off double-tick on WhatsApp?

Sometimes, you cannot answer the text messages at the exact time. Hence, you don’t want to look rude so you should learn “How to remove blue tick on whatsapp?” 

Can others know about your read messages?

You can hide the blue tick by learning How to turn off read receipts on whatsapp. Although others can still know about the read message in the details settings of WhatsApp. 

Can you put a single tick on WhatsApp?

You can only disable the double tick on WhatsApp. Moreover, a single tick on WhatsApp means that you have been blocked by the other. 

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