How to Disable Emergency Call on Android Lock Screen

How to Disable Emergency Call on Android Lock Screen

The lock screen on Android devices offers a convenient way to secure your phone and protect your data from unauthorized access. However, while essential in critical situations, the emergency call feature can sometimes be triggered accidentally, leading to unnecessary disruptions. In this Howtomentor’s article, we will walk you through the process of How to Disable Emergency Calls on an Android Lock Screen, ensuring a smoother user experience and enhanced privacy.

How to Disable Emergency Call on Android Lock Screen

To turn off the emergency call feature on your Android lock screen, follow these steps:

Unlock your device and go to “Settings.” Navigate to “Lock Screen and Security” or “Screen Lock Type.” Enter your PIN, password, or biometric method. Select “None” or “Swipe” as the lock screen type. Confirm the change following on-screen instructions.

Removing the emergency call button means you won’t have immediate access to emergency services from the lock screen. Be cautious and consider your needs before making changes.

Disable Emergency Call Button Android

To disable the emergency call button on Android, you can follow these steps to ensure a cleaner lock screen experience. First, unlock your Android device and access the home screen. Then, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification panel or swipe up (depending on your device) to access the app drawer. Look for the “Settings” app, usually represented by a gear icon, and tap on it to open the settings menu.

Within the settings, scroll down to find the “Security & location” or a similar option, as the wording may differ based on your Android version and device manufacturer. Tap on “Lock screen preferences” or a related option to proceed. Now, search for the “Show emergency call” or “Emergency information” setting, and toggle it off to disable the emergency call button on the lock screen. In some cases, you might also find a separate “Emergency SOS” or “Emergency assistance” setting, which you can turn off to remove the emergency call option from the lock screen. After following these steps, the emergency call button should no longer appear on your Android lock screen, providing a more streamlined and distraction-free lock screen interface.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

When disabling the emergency call button in Android, common issues may arise, such as missing settings, software version conflicts, locked device restrictions, glitches, and the Emergency Call button still appearing on the lock screen. Users should consider the impact on emergency services and be cautious while modifying settings.

Troubleshooting involves checking compatibility, resolving errors, and seeking community solutions. For users with accessibility needs, alternative methods for emergency access are advised. If issues persist, contacting the manufacturer or carrier for support is recommended. Responsible use of Emergency Calls is emphasized for critical situations.

Alternative Methods to Access Emergency Services

Alternative methods to access emergency services on Android after you remove emergency call Android devices include:

  • Direct dialing of emergency numbers from the device keypad.
  • Using voice commands with virtual assistants like Google Assistant or Siri.
  • Utilizing the “panic button” or emergency shortcut feature on some devices.
  • Installing safety apps with SOS alerts and one-tap emergency calling.

Familiarizing oneself with these options ensures quick access to help in critical situations, regardless of any limitations with the device’s Emergency Call feature. Preparedness can be crucial for ensuring safety and prompt response during emergencies.


Turning off the emergency call feature on your Android lock screen can help you avoid accidental calls and enhance your privacy. You can easily manage this feature based on your preferences by following the simple step-by-step guide by Howtomentors on How to Disable Emergency Call on Android Lock Screen. Remember always to keep your emergency contacts accessible, as the safety and well-being of yourself and others are paramount. Take advantage of these customization options to create a lock screen that best suits your needs while ensuring your device remains secure.

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