How To Find Someones Birthday On Instagram? Explore The Ways

How To Find Someones Birthday On Instagram

Celebrating your loved one’s birthday is one of the best feelings. Although you often forget about your friend’s birthday. That can be an embarrassing moment for you. Hence to avoid this situation, Facebook sends you notifications. Over time, you may use Facebook less than Instagram. Thus, Instagram became the most used social media application. Eventually, you must not get the notifications for birthdays. However, you still can know the birthday of your friends. How To Find Someones Birthday On Instagram? Well, the task is manageable and can save you from embarrassment. For that reason, Howtomentors is here for accurate and precise discussion. 

How To Find Someones Birthday On Instagram? 

Instagram is a widely used application. Almost everyone has shifted from Facebook to Instagram for communication purposes. You have explored the application, from liking each other’s posts to viewing their profile. However, the only difference is the birthday notifications. You do not get the notifications on Instagram. Still, you can find birthdays on Instagram. How to find someone’s birthday on Instagram? Fortunately, there are certain ways to find birthdays for your loved ones. 

  • The first way is to open the profile for a particular person and look for their bio. 
  • For the newbies, the bio is the description you add to your profile under your picture. 
  • Moreover, you can edit it with emojis and basic information such as birthdays and zodiac signs. 
  • Another way, “how to find someones birthday on Instagram” is birthday posts available on their profile.
  • You may need to open the profile of that person. Furthermore, you need to scroll down to every post on the profile. 
  • Moreover, you can watch the stories of a particular person. 
  • Consequently, there is a feature on Instagram named “highlights.”
  • From that, you can watch the previously saved stories of that person. Hence, you can assume the birthday of your loved ones. 
  • If you cannot find your friends’ birthday, you can check the zodiac signs.
  • At least, the zodiac is a great way to predict the birthday month. 

Search Birthday Without Asking

Sometimes, you forget about your friends’ birthday, and they get upset. Although you do remember the month, not the date. Moreover, you feel embarrassed to ask for your friend’s birthday. That’s why you can search for various methods for knowing birthdays. How to find someone’s birthday on Instagram without asking? Indeed, you can check their bio first. Search for the posts if you can not find evidence of their birthday in the bio. At times, people post their birthday pictures with captions. 

Eventually, you can assume their birthdays from their posts. However, you will need to scroll down to all the posts.Finally, these are some basic ways, “how to find someones birthday on Instagram?” Another way is to search for the stories in their profile. People often post their birthday celebration stories. Moreover, you can search for the comment section of your friend’s profile. Sometimes, people post birthday wishes under the picture in the comment section. Hence, you can predict the birthday from reading the comments. 

Figure Out Birthday Through Posts 

You must be following your friends on Instagram. Hence, you should have access to their profile. How to find someone’s birthday on Instagram profile? Fortunately, you can search for the posts whenever you want. Moreover, you can view your friend’s profiles as much as you want without knowing them. Indeed, searching for posts is the easiest way to know the birthday. Consequently, most people have public accounts, and their posts are also public. Thus, you can easily look for birthday comments or captions on their posts. 

How To Use The Search Function?

It would help if you edited your profile bio through the settings option on Instagram. Similarly, you can check the bio details of others on Instagram. How to find out someone’s birthday on Instagram? Indeed, looking at profile edits in settings is a search function.

  • Firstly, you will go to the profile of the particular person. 
  • Now search for the posts from the past events to look for the birthdays.
  • At times, people mention their birthdays in their bios. 
  • You can use the search function to find out your friend’s birthday. 
  • Hence, you will have at least one comment or post about your birthday. 

Moreover, you can search for the tagged photos to know the birthday. Sometimes, friends tag each other in the posts to wish birthdays. Ultimately, you can view the date of the tagged photo to know the birthday. 

Is Searching For A Birthday Illegal? 

You must not be comfortable with people invading your privacy. Although you need to look for the profile for a certain purpose. Therefore, you think it’s illegal or unethical to look for someone’s profile without asking them. Eventually, it’s not illegal to search for someone’s profile. Until you are not taking a screenshot of their posts or sending the details to others, consequently, you can search for the birthday of your friends by looking at their profiles multiple times. 


To summarise, you need to wish your friend’s birthday at times, but you forget their birthday. To prevent any embarrassment, you search for their birthdays. Although it’s not Facebook, you need to search for it yourself. How to find someone’s birthday on Instagram? Fortunately, you can search for the bio on their profile to know their birthday. Moreover, you can scroll down to view all the posts. Hence, you can easily predict the birthday from the posts and stories like Howtomentors narrated.


How to know about your follower’s birthday?

In search of “How to find someone’s birthday on Instagram?” you can go through their profile and look for the date. Most people write their birthdays and zodiac signs in their bios. Hence, you can guess the birthday month from the zodiac. 

Does Instagram remind you about birthdays?

Instagram does not remind you about people’s birthdays. However, you can find the birthday day and month through their bios and pictures. Hence, you can avoid embarrassment if you know How to find out someone’s birthday on Instagram.

How to know about others’ age on Instagram?

You can guess about others’ ages by looking at the zodiac signs and their birthday year. Thus, most people use zodiac signs and birth years in their bio for an aesthetic look.  

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