How To Get Water Out Of IPhone Camera? Learn Possible Ways

how to get water out of iphone camera

Mishaps often happen with your devices. Thus, the breaking of your device screen happens a lot. Also, the spilling of water is a more common thing for iPhone users. The major thing is to get rid of the water from the iPhone. How to get water out of iphone camera? At times, you are drinking water, and the glass slips suddenly. Thus, it spills all over the phone and its camera.

Consequently, you start panicking at that moment. Well, the first thing you do is start searching for the tutorial or blogs to remove water. Eventually, removing the water from the iPhone camera as soon as possible is suggested. Ultimately, you can remove water from the Howtomentors blog. 

How To Get Water Out Of iPhone Camera? 

Spilling water on the iPhone is one accident that damages the camera. Most of the iPhone screen and cameras malfunction due to water in it. At that moment, you must be panicked and trying to warm the phone. However, it’s not the right thing to do. Consequently, you need to get the water out, not dissolve the water inside. Hence, let’s see how to get water out of camera iphone. The basic preventive measurements are listed below. 

  • Firstly, turn off your iPhone immediately. You should not wait for anything at that moment.
  • Eventually, you need to wipe off the water spots from your phone’s exterior. 
  • Importantly, you should never use any drying tools like hairdryers or microwaves. 
  • Hence, these drying objects can burn the object. That’s why one should have patience. 
  • Consequently, rice or silica gel is the best way to absorb the water or moist.
  • Moreover, have some patience and dont turn the phone on for at least hours. 
  • At times, it is suggested by professionals to turn on the phone after one whole day. 
  • After waiting for hours, turn on the iPhone and test its functionality. 

Get Rid Of Water From iPhone 11 Camera

With time, you can see the revolutionalized camera on iPhone. No doubt, iPhone has become famous because of its cameras. Moreover, the camera is also delicate as compared to other brands. That’s why you should take charge of the cameras of your iPhone. Consequently, the recent models of the iPhone have more delicate cameras. Hence, you can also see the big lens of the iPhone 11 and 11 pro max. Eventually, the big cameras can be damaged more often. That’s why one should know the preventive measures to avoid damage. How to get water out of your front camera iphone 11? Ultimately, these are some basic precautionary measurements below. 

  • Turn off the phone immediately. 
  • Put the phone inside the uncooked rice or silica gel. 
  • Dont, push the cameras of the phone. 
  • Gently use a warm cloth to absorb the water.
  • Do not open your phone for one whole day. 

Fortunately, you can answer how to get water out of my iphone camera.

How To Prevent iPhone Cameras From Water?  

No one wants to waste their new iPhone device. For many people, iPhone is a huge investment. Moreover, you can lose your data and contacts with a damaged iPhone. At times, you forget to sync your phone’s icloud. Thus, water in iPhone can make you lose your data. Consequently, you should try to save your iPhone from water to avoid this mishap. For that reason, you can look for prevention measurements. 

  • First, dont put your phone on the table near the liquid products. 
  • Furthermore, dont take your phone to the washroom. 
  • Moreover, avoid using the phone while in the kitchen. 
  • Eventually, dont put the phone in the bag near the water bottle. 

Still, you should know how to get water out your iphone camera. Even after taking preventative measures, someone can spill water on your iPhone. However, you should not worry if you know how to get water out of iphone camera. 


Finally, many people use the phone while eating or cooking. Thus, in both cases, you have closure to water. Eventually, you can spill water on your iPhone accidentally. You must have been panicked at that moment. For that reason, you need to know how to get water out of iphone camera.

Consequently, you need to look for ways. Hence, you must turn off the iPhone at that moment. Moreover, you need to put the phone into rice of silica gel to absorb the water. At last, you should not turn on the phone for the whole day. Ultimately, these quick tricks can prevent you from a big loss with the Howtomentors blog. 

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