How To Make Someones iPhone Ring When Its On Silent?

How To Make Someones iPhone Ring When Its On Silent

It can often be frustrating when you call or message someone just to find out their mobile phone is silent. Moreover, it can be even more annoying when you want to contact someone urgently. Besides, most iPhone users face this problem very often. However, there are many methods for ‘How to Make Someones iPhone Ring When its on Silent.’ In this extensive guide, Howtomentors will help you achieve that. So, if you have to get in touch with your friends, colleagues, or family members, these helpful techniques will surely help you never miss out on essential texts or calls ever again! So, read up till the end to learn all the details. 

How To Make Someone’s Silent iPhone Ring?

You can make another person’s iPhone device silent in numerous ways. You can do it using iCloud, Siri, or various third-party applications. Moreover, to find out more about how to make someones iPhone ring when its on silent, follow these simple methods: 

Use Find My iPhone

One of the most helpful methods is to find my iPhone by signing in to your iCloud account. It is one of the most straightforward ways for ‘how to make someones phone ring when its on silent iPhone.’ Moreover, you just need to follow these instructions:

  • Go to your iPhone and sign in to your iCloud account. 
  • Now, go to ‘Find My iPhone.’ 
  • Choose your ‘Device.’
  • After that, enable the ‘Play Sound’ option. 

Allow Alerts 

You can ring someone’s iPhone while it’s on mute if you have access to their iPhone before the call. Now let’s get started about ‘how to make someone’s iPhone ring’ by allowing the alerts on your iPhone device. 

  • Go to the person’s iPhone.
  • Launch the ‘Settings’ app.
  • Click on the ‘Focus’ option by scrolling down the Settings. You can find the option under ‘Sounds and Haptics.’
  • Select ‘Do Not Disturb.’
  • Now, you’ll have to choose the ‘People’ option. 
  • The next step for ‘How to make an iPhone ring on silent’ is to scroll down to their contact list.
  • Add your name to the ‘Allow Calls From List’ option.
  • Click ‘Ringtone’ and select a custom or standard ringtone for your calls. 

Use Siri

Another easy-to-follow technique is to utilize an already available feature on your iOS device. That’s right! You can use Siri to make your iPhone ring on silent. Moreover, follow the steps listed below: 

  • Open your iPhone device.
  • Now, enable ‘Siri.’
  • Finally, ask Siri to deactivate your iPhone’s ‘Silent Mode’ option. 

Edit Do Not Disturb Settings

Activating the ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings on another person’s iPhone is another way to put it on silent. Moreover, the easiest steps to do that are mentioned below: 

  • Access the person’s iPhone and scroll down to the ‘Control Panel.’
  • Next, select the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option.
  • Click on ‘People.’
  • Hit the ‘Calls From’ button to add your phone number to the starred contacts list.
  • Locate and choose your phone number from their contact list. 
  • Swipe the Alarms Settings in the right direction and enable the ‘Alerts’ option.
  • Choose a sound to change the ringtone for your contact do not disturb settings. 
  • Launch the ‘Contacts’ app on your phone. 
  • Now find the person’s phone number. 
  • To ensure that you have updated the do not disturb settings, you can give the person a call at their number. 

Use Third-Party Applications

To make someone’s iPhone ring, plenty of third-party apps are there to give you a helping hand. This is the best resort for ‘how to make someones iPhone ring when its on silent,’ if the above methods don’t work. Moreover, here are some of the best and most used apps that you can use to ring someone’s iPhone. 


Ringing someone’s iPhone using voice notes, doesn’t that sound great? You can use this app to record any message and send it to the recipient’s iPhone. This way, the phone will ring even if it’s in silent mode. Moreover, before using this application, remember that it has one drawback i.e., it has a recording limit. You only have 15 seconds to record any message you want to deliver. 


Rather than just ringing a phone, Galarm has some additional features in store for you. This great app offers a feature known as the ‘Buddy Alarms.’ This is a group chat feature. Moreover, it lets you set alarms for specific group members. Besides, if they are members of your group, Galarm allows you to concurrently ring numerous iPhones. 

Can I Make iPhone Ring Without Other Person Knowing?

The answer is that you cannot ring someone else’s iPhone without permission unless you have access to it. Moreover, the iPhone’s owner must give you an authorization for their device. 


To summarise, with all the techniques mentioned in this guide, it’s now simpler to make someone else’s iPhone device ring when it’s on mute. Moreover, these effortless methods include using Siri, iCloud, third-party applications, and Find My iPhone. Besides, before learning ‘how to make someones iPhone ring when its on silent,’ you must keep in mind that all Howtomentors techniques require other person’s permission to make their muted iPhone ring. Furthermore, remember that these methods won’t work if the other person’s phone is not connected to the internet or turned off. 


How To Bypass Someones Do Not Disturb?

Open contacts >> Select Your contact >> Click On Edit >>Tap ringtone >>Turn On Emergency Bypass>>Click Done.

How Can I Make My iPhone Ring On Silent?

In order to Make your iPhone ring on silent turn on the GPS mode and click on play sound. This will turn on ring on your iPhone even if set to silent.

Can Iphone Ring When Its On Silent Mode?

If you want to know How to make someone’s iPhone ring while its on the silent mode you need to check the ring/silent switch that is the orange box above the volume button.

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