How To Play A Video On Your Instagram Story – A Complete Guide

How To Play A Video On Your Instagram Story - A Complete Guide

We all love the Instagram vibe and the luxury displayed on the app. It is one of the biggest platforms for staying up to date with the glamorous world watching exciting stories and reels of influencers and creators. At present, we all love to post videos on Instagram of our daily life activities. However, only some videos or reels work perfectly on your Instagram wall. You might search for ‘how to play a video on your Instagram story’. Instagram has introduced many updates and features in the application.

If you are a content creator and want to ace the Instagram world, you must second the features of the videos to attract to the audience. Furthermore, the new features and filters are tricks to make your stories eye-catching. For this purpose, HowToMentors has covered up the secrets for you.

Learn How To Play Videos On IG Story

Uploading a video on your Instagram is not a challenging task. All you have to do is follow some simple steps after creating a video.

  • Firstly, you have to open your Instagram application and login in. 
  • Swipe left once you login into your account. 
  • There will be a lot of options available such as; reels, IGTV, and videos. 
  • Click on the left-corner button at the bottom to select your favorite type.
  • You can easily access the video editing features.
  • Add filters, music, layout, cropping, and other features to your video.

This is the simplest way to upload a video on your Instagram. Contrarily, there are new categories of videos available now as well. However, there is little difference in all these video categories, but still, it makes a big difference in your profile appearance.

Types Of Videos

As discussed above, Instagram has provided us with reels, IGTV, and simple video options. All of these are slightly different from each other but make a huge difference. Unfortunately, only some perks of Instagram are available in some regions. Sometimes, it’s either your device’s technical or storage issues or availability problems. Here comes the point when people desperately want to know How to Play a Video on Your Instagram Story.

Furthermore, the most trending video type these days is reels. Almost every other content creator posts a reel with different transitions and filters on their Instagram account. If you wanna know how to play videos on Instagram stories, here is your fortune turning point. Undoubtedly, transitions and filters make a clear difference in video quality. This is the reason reels spread like fire in a short span.

How To Upload A Reel On Your Instagram?

How To Play A Video On Your Instagram Story - A Complete Guide

You can make reels within the Instagram application, just like ordinary videos. You notice multiple options at the bottom of your screen or to the left when you swipe in Instagram. There is an option available with the name of the ‘reel’. Are you still trying to figure it out? Let’s learn how to play a video on your Instagram story step by step.

  • Once you click the reel option, a different set of clips will be saved in your gallery. 
  • You can select clips as per your need.
  • The standard time of a reel is 90 seconds.
  • Now choose the speed of the reel transitions. 
  • You can add music and filters to your video to make it attractive.
  • Your video is ready to get posted on your feed now.

Glitches In Instagram Videos

As you are familiar with playing a video on your Instagram Story, you should know about the Instagram glitches. In most cases, you are unable to play the reel. Eventually, the main reasons can be the internet connection, the device that you are using, or Instagram technical faults. At times, you must update your Instagram application to run it smoothly.  Moreover, Instagram occasionally freezes your account for unknown reasons; in that case, you must report it. Consequently, these are a few reasons you face glitches in your Instagram videos. As soon as you clear out a few gaps, you can easily play your videos without any hurdles. 

How To Use Other IG Features In Your Videos?

There are other features on Instagram that you can use in your video or reel. One of the most liked features is ‘Boomerang’. It is an old but trendy evergreen feature of Instagram. To be among the best users, you must make an exciting boomerang. Once you save it, you can post it directly on your account and view it in your gallery too. In addition, some extraordinary features that Instagram provides include hands-free and dual IG video. Moreover, many content creators use the live option to interact with the quince and for direct communication. Moreover, there are filters and stickers options that you can use during your IG story live.


In a nutshell, learning social media applications nowadays is quite important. As the world is developing into a digital village, Instagram is a massive platform for you to keep up with the trends. Alongside the application, you shall be familiar with the features too. Videos and reels play a significant role in ranking your content on Instagram. Eventually, you must know how to play a video on your Instagram story. Thus, a few simple techniques can be used to post the ideal video on your Instagram account. You can create a video or reel with multiple options within a single application. The more you explore, the more you thrive!


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