How To Put Clock On Lock Screen IPhone? Ultimate Guidance

Eventually, everyone loves to explore new technology with time. At times, you are using a device for the very first time. Hence, it takes some time to understand the whole working of the device. Similarly, you must have struggled to put a clock tool on the lock screen. How to put clock on lock screen iphone? Indeed, it sounds easy to many, but putting the clock on the lock screen can be challenging. For most, iPhone is a new technology. Thus, you can need help with knowing simple things. Indeed, it’s not an embarrassing moment to learn small tricks. Moreover, you can try new ways and master with Howtomentors to put the clock on the lock screen. 

How To Put Clock On Lock Screen iPhone? 

Although it is not difficult to put up a lock screen, if there is a new iPhone user, then there is an utter need to know How To Put Clock On Lock Screen iPhone? Go to general settings >>tap lock screen>>Enable always on display, and the clock is set.

How To Display Iphone Clock?

The software is the significant reason for the hype of the technology. The fast processing and smooth technology of the iPhone made people buy it. However, the technology is more complex to understand as compared to Android. Still, you can use it in multiple ways once you learn it. However, you can have challenges like finding the call log on your iPhone. How to put clock on lock screen iphone? Moreover, the settings of the display feature on the lock screen.  Similarly, you must want to display your clock and other features in a fancy way. Consequently, you can learn the step-by-step process below in the blog. 

  • Firstly, open the settings application on your iPhone. 
  • Find “look screen” in the list. 
  • See the clock option in the features for customization.
  • Now it’s time for customization. You have three options for that: “off, on, or while charging.” 
  • Choose the style for your clock.
  • Moreover, there are options for font style and size for the clock. 
  • Return to the home page and view your clock. 

How To Put Analog Clock On iphone Lock Screen?  

Eventually, you can set your display with awesome features. Thus, you can also put different transitions and movie covers on your display. Though the clock features also represent your love for classic stuff. That’s why you should know how to put clock on lock screen iphone. Moreover, different classic vintage clocks are not built into the iPhone. For that reason, you can download different clocks from the app store. Furthermore, you can post the downloaded clocks from the settings. 

  • First, open the app store on your iphone.
  • Now in the search bar, look for the analog clocks for the lock screen. 
  • Consequently, you can browse hundreds of applications in the list.
  • Install an analog clock application.
  • Confirm your ID and password with the appropriate credentials.
  • Fortunately, you can see the analog clock option in the setting option of your iPhone. 
  • Customize the analog clock according to your required display. 

How To Put World Clock On iPhone Lock Screen? 

Trying new displays on your iPhone is fun. You can get different covers on your mobile cover for a distinctive look. Therefore, you choose different clock styles to give a stunning display. Eventually, you can download the world clock application from the Apple App Store. Moreover, you can choose the right and famous application that is free from the store. After downloading, you can check your settings and look for the world clock option. Fortunately, you can see the world clock option and customization options.

Consequently, you can put the world clock after customization of style and font. Sometimes, you want to put the ordinary clock on the screen lock to look for the real-time. Hence, you can put the ordinary clock back on the screen. How to put the clock back on my iPhone lock screen? You can go to the settings and choose the clock on your iPhone. 


To summarize, the clock on display plays a crucial function. You need to look for time while driving and eating. Hence, you can not open the lock screen and look for the clock at that moment. Moreover, the lock screen clock is a stunning display. That’s why you need to know how to put clock on lock screen iphone. Consequently, the clock gives an absolutely different look. Therefore, you can find world and analog clock applications in the app store. Fortunately, you can change the font and style of the clock for your display. It can make your display more attractive and eye-catching. Thus, you can rely on the Howtomentors blog for an impressive display.


Why do you need a world clock on the lock screen?

You need to give an impressive and outstanding look to your display. That’s why you choose different themes and clocks for a distinctive look. Thus, you should know How to put clock on lock screen iphone. 

Are different clocks fit in the display?

You must find a big clock for your display on the lock screen that can cover the whole screen. That’s why you should learn How to put analog clock on iphone lock screen to customize it.

Where to put the clock on display? 

Once you learn How to put world clock on iphone lock screen, you need to customize it. Hence, you can rotate the clock to the middle or front according to your preference

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