How To Put Xbox One In Rest Mode? – A Detailed Guide 

How To Put Xbox One In Rest Mode

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you must know how important it is to take breaks while gaming. Moreover, many people want to have small intervals while they frequently play video games. Xbox offers tons of incredible games. However, some people who play games on it don’t want to shut it down completely and lose their progress. In this situation, knowing How to Put Xbox One in Rest Mode can be extremely helpful. Besides, this mode makes your console go in a low-power status. This way, you can conserve energy. You don’t have to worry about losing your progress. This mode helps save all your gaming progress. Moreover, if you want to learn about this mode on Xbox, follow up with the Howtomentors guide till the end. 

What Is The Rest Mode On Xbox One?

Many people who play games on Xbox One don’t know about the rest mode. This mode is a low-power setting. Moreover, it enables your Xbox device to stay on while saving power. Besides, this feature is similar to your computer’s sleep mode. The best part of this power-saving state is that your console continues to receive new updates. 

Further, gaming installations also continue. You can also charge your device’s controllers and add-ons while the console is switched off. Moreover, if you are wondering ‘how to put Xbox One in rest mode’ or ‘how to put my Xbox One in rest mode,’ you don’t have to worry anymore. You’ll find the most straightforward method to do so. Stick to the end to learn the answer. 

How To Set Xbox One On Rest Mode? 

If you want to learn the simplest way ‘how to put a Xbox One in rest mode,’ you’ll just have to follow these easy instructions: 

  • Go to your Xbox One console.
  • Press the Xbox button present on the controller.
  • Select the ‘System’ tab on the left corner of the screen. 
  • Choose the ‘Settings’ option. And click ‘Power and Startup.’
  • Now, click on the ‘Power Mode and Startup’ option.
  • Under the power mode and startup option, select ‘Instant-on.’
  • Activate the ‘Enable Instant-on’ checkbox. 
  • Once you enable this option, you can easily put it in rest mode. As this method applies both to Xbox One and Xbox S. 
  • You’ll have to press and hold the Xbox button on its controller to do this. 
  • A pop-up menu will appear. 
  • From here, you’ll have to choose the ‘Turn Console Off’option.
  • Finally, select ‘Turn Off’ or ‘Restart.’ So, if you’ve been thinking about ‘how to put Xbox One in rest mode,’ that’s your answer! 

Pros Of Using The Rest Mode

Now that you know about ‘Xbox One how to put in rest mode,’ you must know its pros and cons. Moreover, the advantages of the rest mode are listed below:

  • Rest mode uses less energy, which lowers your monthly electric bill.
  • You can immediately pick up where you left off when you turn your console back on after it has been in rest mode.
  • While in the rest mode, you can download and install game updates in the background. Besides, you don’t need to wait for the updates to complete before you start playing. 

Cons Of Using The Rest Mode

While the rest mode has many benefits, it also has disadvantages. Here are a few of them:

  • Using the rest mode frequently is likely to shorten the component lifespan of your Xbox One console.
  • During a power outage in rest mode, your game downloads and installations can halt. Further, it can also happen if you are facing internet connection issues. 
  • Many people reported that their console generates more noise when turned off in rest mode. 

How To Turn Off Rest Mode On Xbox One?

You can easily turn it off on your Xbox console. Moreover, the overall process is easy. You just have to follow these simple directions:

  • Open your Xbox and go to ‘Settings.’
  • Now select ‘Power & Startup.’
  • Choose the ‘Power Mode and Startup’ option.
  • Select ‘Power Mode.’
  • Lastly, click on ‘Energy-Saving.’ 


In summary, putting the best ways to preserve gaming progress. Moreover, you can save a good amount of energy using this mode. Besides, with this Howtomentors guide, you now know the answer to ‘how to put Xbox One in rest mode’ in simple steps. However, you must remember all the pros and cons of using this mode on Xbox. And make the best solution for all your gaming needs. Moreover, you can now easily use rest mode without worrying about losing your game progress! 


How to keep my Xbox on without power off?

In order to know How to put a Xbox One in rest mode you need to switch on the console >> Press Xbox button>> Go to settings>>select power options>> Choose turn off >> select do not turn off automatically.

How to download games while my Xbox is on sleep?

If you want to know How to put Xbox One in rest mode and still download games place a disc in Xbox, hold the button, and turn off the console to automatically install the game.

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