How To Recover Unsent Messages On Instagram?

How To Recover Unsent Messages On Instagram

Who doesn’t know about Instagram? Surely every one of us is familiar with this photo and video-sharing app. Besides, this platform allows you to post your daily life updates through reels, posts, lives, and stories. Moreover, you can even chat with your friends and family using this app. However, many people might get conscious when someone unsent their messages on Instagram. So, they want to know how to recover unsent messages on Instagram. Although the simple answer to this is there is no way you can see someone’s unsent messages on IG. 

When a sender deletes an Instagram direct message, it also deletes the message from the recipient’s chat box. Furthermore, if you still want to know about unsent messages, How To Mentors has covered you! Read this guide for complete details about how you can see someone’s unsent texts on IG. 

Can You See Unsent Messages On Instagram?

Many people become interested when someone deletes a message. Besides, you might think, ‘what the other person wanted to say?’ or ‘why did they delete the message?’ and so on. Moreover, when these questions arise, many want to learn how to recover unsent messages on Instagram. However, the answer is that you cannot recover or view a text that someone has deleted on IG. 

Although many third-party apps claim to provide the ultimate solution, their functioning is not quite promising. Further, once the message is deleted, you cannot retrieve it. Besides, the same rule applies when you send someone a message on Instagram and then delete it. Still, if you want to find ways to see unsent texts on IG, a few methods are available. 

Is There Anyway To See An Unsent Message On Instagram?

If you want to know ‘Is there a way to see unsent messages on Instagram,’ you cannot simply do that. Moreover, if you want to recover accidentally deleted text messages on IG, you can follow a simple online method. You’ll just need to follow these easy steps:

  • Open your browser and search for ‘Instagram Recovery’ in the search bar. 
  • You’ll see a web page asking for credentials. 
  • Further, you need to enter your Instagram username. You can also enter your profile’s URL.
  • Under the URL bar, you’ll see a ‘message recovery’ option. Select it.
  • Once the process is started, you’ll need to solve human verification codes. Further, check whether your deleted Instagram messages are in a zip format. 
  • Next, you’ll get your unsent message as a zip format file. Download it.
  • Lastly, verify that all your deleted and unsent messages are present. That’s how to recover unsent messages on Instagram. 

However, it is important to note that it’s still unclear how effective this method is in practice. Moreover, you can use a few third-party apps if you are wondering, ‘can I see unsent messages on Instagram.’ Here are some of these apps:

  • Notification History Log (for Android devices).
  • Pushover Notifications (for iOS devices).

Does Instagram Notify When You Unsend A Message?

Whether it’s notifying or showing someone’s unsent texts, Instagram does not send any notifications. The simple answer to ‘does Instagram show unsent messages,’ is no. Moreover, it also does not notify when a group message is unsent, and no trace of any messages sent before is left behind. Group messages function the same way as direct messaging to many people. Besides, people can view the text before it is sent. But, once it is unsent, you cannot see there will be no sign that the message ever existed.

Furthermore, there is a higher chance that someone within a group viewed the message before it was sent. However, in the past, IG used to notify users when a text was unsent. Moreover, when the message was opened, it would say, ‘This message has been unsent by the sender.’ Besides, it is important to remember that Instagram has disabled this feature, and the message will be deleted, not notifying both parties. 

Can I Use Third-Party Apps To See Unsent IG Messages?

Suppose you want to know how to see unsent messages on Instagram or see what someone unsent on Instagram using third-party platforms; always remember that Instagram has strict user guidelines. Moreover, anyone who tries to violate another person’s privacy will have their account suspended. Besides, if you ever want to use a third-party app to view unsent texts, IG can disable or suspend your account anytime. It is always recommended not to use such apps. 


In summary, it is natural to become suddenly interested when someone deletes a text. A ton of questions enter your mind. Moreover, when you face a situation where someone deleted a message they sent you, you surely have thought about ‘how to recover unsent messages on Instagram.’  Although retrieving those messages is impossible, you can use some alternative methods. Besides, these alternatives include third-party apps. Such platforms are not always reliable to use. Moreover, you must ensure such platforms’ reliability before using them. 

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