How To Remove Shop Button On Instagram? Ultimate Guide.

How To Remove Shop Button On Instagram

Instagram is a hub for selling and buying goods and services. There was a time when you only post a picture or video and sell it. With time, the development of the application made every business gain success. Consequently, every business uses Instagram to get the most target audience. Hence, almost everyone one of you uses Instagram to follow fashion trends. Therefore, you have also seen the shop button on the business accounts of the brand.

Furthermore, you must approve your account to get the shop button. However, some of you must not want it on your Instagram account. Well, the reasons could be anything. Thus, the question is to remove shop button from Instagram. How To Remove Shop Button On Instagram? Eventually, you can get your answers by the end of the HowtoMentors blog. Keep reading till the end to get an adequate solution to your query. 

Remove Shop Button From Instagram

You must want to remove the shop button from the Instagram account. Although if you are running a business, then it can affect your shop. Also, people need a shop button to shop from your brand. Then why would you need to remove shop button from Instagram? In short, the reason can be the change in the priority of the business. If you own a business, you must make frequent changes. For that, you must learn how to remove shop button on Instagram. Removing the shop button from your page seems reasonable. However, the predominant part of Instagram is you can again get the shop button Let’s learn the method to remove it. 

How To Turn Off Instagram Shop

You can turn off the Instagram shop to take proper charge of the account. At times, businesses want to change the nature of their shop. Besides, they want to implement different strategies and need a break from the shop. Another reason can be controlling the traffic on your Instagram account. Hence, let’s see how to get rid of the shop button on Instagram. Consequently, limiting the traffic on your account is essential to avoid any glitches. That way, your customer won’t complain, and your shop can be safe. 

Turning On The VPN

  • The easiest way to remove the shop button from the Instagram account is via VPN. 
  • Simultaneously, there are some regions where you can not get the shop button. 
  • Thus, you can use the VPN to change your location for that particular region. 
  • As a result, Instagram can not have the shop button due to that specific region. 
  • Finally, now you can remove the shop button from your account. 

Switching Your Account

  • Another way to get rid of the shop button is by switching accounts. 
  • Fortunately, this method is also easy but requires some observation. 
  • Hence, you can log in to your account. 
  • Furthermore, go to your profile by tapping your picture on the button on the page. 
  • Now go to the “setting” by tapping the three horizontal lines on the top of the profile. 
  • Ultimately, the menu appears. Now tap the “add or switch account” in the menu. 
  • At last, you can add or switch the account. 
  • Now you can get another account, and the shop button can disappear. 

Importance Of The Shop Button

Instagram is beneficial for new businesses for prosperity. Moreover, you have the finest way to sell or buy goods from Instagram. Therefore, every other brand or business is using the Instagram approach to attain a profit. Consequently, you can’t imagine your life without Instagram in this era. Even though people still ask how to remove shop button on Instagram. Thus, the reasons can be related to accounting management. Furthermore, you must not handle customer service due to traffic on the account. Therefore, they want to stop the shop button option for some time.

Approving Shop Button

Can you access the shop button easily? Although you can get the shop button on your account but requires approval. Thus, you need to approve it for the official page you use for business. Therefore, you need to convert your account to a business one. You cannot purchase or sell if your account is not converted to a business account.

Moreover, you can also link your account to Shopify to run the business effectively. In that way, your brand can have more productivity than the ordinary business account. At last, you can advantageously use your Instagram with the shop button. However, it must not be very pleasant for you to use the account as a business. In conclusion, you can easily remove it without hassle. 


To summarise, Instagram is the elite platform for running a business. Keeping that in mind, Instagram introduces the shop button for the customer to identify the brand. However, only some brands want the shop button on the account for longer. Ultimately, you must also wonder about removing the shop button from the account. How to remove shop button on Instagram? Fortunately, you can use different methods to remove the shop button. The Howtomentors method is switching accounts or using VPN. At last, you can easily remove the shop button without inconvenience.


Why do you need to remove the shop button?

You can Remove shop button from Instagram to simplify your user experience. Sometimes, you want to eliminate your business, so delete the shop button. 

How many ways are there to turn off the shop button?

In search, “How to turn off Instagram shop?”  You can change the settings from your profile “notifications tap.” Moreover, you can try switching your accounts or turn off VPN. 

Why do you need a VPN for the Instagram shop button?

At times, the shop button is not available in every region on Instagram. For that reason, you must turn on the VPN to use the shop button on your Instagram. 

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