How To Transfer Itunes Gift Card To Google Play? The Truth

Transfer Itunes Gift Card To Google Play

Digital purchase of goods and services has made our life easier. You can withdraw Cash only some of the time with this digital currency. Hence, you must face Android or iOs usage issues with these facilities. If you are an Android user, then Google Play is the best option for dealing with your bills. In comparison, you can use apple pay if you are an iOS user. However, these are some choices you can avail of for paying your bills without a credit card.

 At the same time, you just need to transfer digital currency or gift cards to another system. Now that’s why most of you are anxiously waiting for clarity. How to Transfer Itunes Gift Card to Google Play? Consequently, if you are an iOs user, you must know to transfer iTunes gift card to Android. For that purpose, you need to know how the transfer thing works with iTunes to Google Play. Well, you need to go through the HowtoMentors blog till the end for satisfactory answers. 

How To Transfer Itunes Gift Card To Google Play?

With the evolution of technology, paying through applications has made our life at ease. Similarly, iTunes gift cards are used only for buying Apple products and services. However, you must need to transfer iTunes gift card to Google Play. You must have heard these terms for the first time. However, you don’t have to worry. You can understand the process quickly. However, you must wonder to convert iTunes gift card to Google Play credit. Fortunately, you can quickly transfer it to Google Play. Let’s see the step-by-step guide for more clarity. 

  • Firstly, scratch the 16-digit code written on the back of the card. 
  • Now open the Apple Music application.  
  • Furthermore, you will open the AccountAccount by clicking the menu button. 
  • Afterward, click on Redeem the gift card. 
  • At last, you will insert the code of the card. 
  • You will get the gift card through an email on your Google Play. 
  • Hence, you have transferred the iTunes gift card to your Google Play balance. 

How To Pay Through Google Play?

Paying with just one click through your digital wallet is expedited. Ultimately, you save much of your energy and time in delivering your bills. Hence, it sounds great, but you must know the process. Consequently, learning how to use these applications helps you a lot. Let’s see “Redeem iTunes gift card on Google Play.”Well, you can pay through your Android device. No matter where you are, it would help to have your device and network connection to pay bills. Therefore, there are some steps drafted for your acknowledgment. 

  • First, you will open Google Play on your device. 
  • Afterward, move to “payment methods in Google Play.”
  • Furthermore, click on “Add a payment method.” 
  • Eventually, there will be some basic information that you will insert. 
  • Hence, continue your purchase. 
  • At last, you can tap to buy and complete the purchase. 

How To Transfer Itunes Credit To Google Play?

Eventually, iTunes and Google are two different worlds. Indeed, their functionality differs a lot. However, they are competitors in terms of providing digital services. For that reason, most of you need help to switch to another system quickly. Sometimes, you need the option to transfer iTunes credit to Google Play. Is it possible for you? Unfortunately, you can not send the credit to Google Play.

Consequently, you can not avail of this option for now. However, there are chances in the future for this feature development. Evidently, you know that technology develops according to the need of users. In that case, people demand more flexibility in digital payments. Consequently, there is a hope to transfer iTunes gift card to Google Play. 

Conversion Of Google Play To Cash

At times, you would need Cash to fulfill your requirements. Therefore, you can only rely on digital currency sometimes. You must withdraw some money from your Google Play account. Now the main question that will arise in your head is, is it possible? Well, the answer is NO. Unfortunately, there is no way to conversion of Google Play to Cash. Hence, you can not withdraw any value from your Google Play account. Consequently, you can only pay through your Account for now. At last, we hope for unprecedented changes in digital currency. 


To sum up, we all rely on digital currency for our online purchases. Only a few of you must not use these services. However, everyone is used to getting their payments through Apple or Google Pay. For that reason, you must know these accounts’ usage. How to transfer iTunes gift card to Google Play? Ultimately, you can transfer an iTunes gift card to another system through email by just inserting the code as per Howtomentors. However, conversion and transferring credit to Google Play still need to be made available. Hence, you can not withdraw Cash from your Google Play. At last, you can wait for the enhancement of these services in the future.


Can you make the conversion of iTunes gift card?

Unfortunately, you can not Convert iTunes gift card to Google Play credit. However, you can make the conversion to pay through different software. 

How to secure your iTunes gift card to Google Play?

You can Redeem iTunes gift card on Google Play by using a verification code. You can use a 16-unit digit to redeem your account. 

How to add balance to your iTunes gift card?

You need the verification process for the iTunes gift card to Google Play balance. For privacy issues, you need to make sure about the account details. 

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