How To Use Saved Audio On Instagram Story? Complete Guide

How To Use Saved Audio On Instagram Story

Instagram is a widely used application among all social media applications. You must also use this application often in your daily life. Hence, Instagram has become the main source of communication among friends and family. Ultimately, it’s the best source to present your creativity to your audience. However, the best way to enhance your Instagram profile is through stories. You can use different layouts to present your story, but you need background music. Fortunately, Instagram has the feature of using audio on your stories. How To Use Saved Audio On Instagram Story? If you want to enhance the quality of your stories, then Howtomentors are here. Let’s read Howtomentors blog’s end to know the detailed and satisfactory answer. 

How To Use Saved Audio On Instagram Story? 

Instagram always comes up with exciting new features. You can now use music on your stories through  Instagram songs. In that way, you can bring more audience to your profile. It also enhances the quality of your stories. Moreover, people would also enjoy watching your stories.  Eventually, it’s a plus point if you are a content creator. You will engage more audience on your profile. For that reason, you must know the appropriate usage of Instagram music. How use a saved audio on Instagram story? Hence most of the newbies need to be well aware of the usage. You might not know the placement of the saved audio in the story. Let’s see how to use saved audio on Instagram story. 

  • First, open your Instagram account and swipe to the left to open the story posting. 
  • After that, you will open the music library icon from the stickers list.
  • Moreover, you can save your audio in that music library for later use. 
  • You will go to the music library and choose the audio to save. From here, you will tap the three dots and tap on the save audio icon. 
  • Now you can tap on the particular audio that you want to share. 
  • You can also add that audio to the “my favorite” list.
  • Now you can create the story from the Instagram camera and paste the audio from the music library.

How To Use Saved Reel Audio On Instagram Story? 

Over time, Instagram has introduced many new features in the application. One of the major and trendy ones is reels these days. Indeed, you might have seen most bloggers or content creators using reels for the content. No doubt, the content in the reel seems more interesting than usual and you can learn how to use a saved audio on instagram story. Moreover, you might also fascinate with the background music of the reels. That’s why you also want to create that music-containing reel for yourself. Therefore, you must save some audio in your music library to paste on your reels. How to use saved audio on Instagram story or reels? Although reels are one kind of story. Hence, it’s the same or less similar to your Instagram. 

  • Firstly, save the audion that you want to share on your reel. 
  • After that, you will create the whole reel to use that saved audion appropriately. 
  • To create the reel, you will go to the Instagram camera by swiping to the left from the main Instagram wall. 
  • You will select the reel option from the listed camera at the bottom. 
  • Eventually, you will explore all your photos and videos on the devices. 
  • Thus, select the photos and videos that you want in your reel. 
  • After selecting certain data, customize the whole reel.
  • Consequently, the customization involves all the timing and placement of the data in the reel. 
  • At last, you will paste the music on the reel you want to share. 

Use Saved Audio On Android Instagram 

Some applications process differently on iOS and Android. The reason can be the version these software use. Similarly, Instagram features can be different from ios and Android. How to use saved audio on Instagram story android? Before that, you must know the basic difference. Ultimately, the major difference can be the audio quality or the processing of the reel on particular audio.

Moreover, the stickers and emojis are different on this software. Eventually, the process is the same for creating and saving the audio on the story on Android. You will apply the same steps to create the reel and paste the saved audio from the music library. 

Saved Original Audio On Instagram Story

It would help if you needed the original music to create the content later. Hence you will save the original audio from your own Instagram story. How to use saved original audio on Instagram story? It is a plus point for the content creator to create their saved audio on Instagram. Fortunately, the process is simple and similar to the rest. 

  • Eventually, you create the story with the particular saved audio. 
  • After posting the story, you will click on your profile to view it. 
  • Now you see the three dots on the bottom of the screen. 
  • At last, you can select “save the audio” from the list. 


Ultimately, you must be wondering to enhance your creativity level on Instagram. For that reason, you can bring the essence of music into the background of your story. In that way, your audience will enjoy the landscape with music on it. Yes, that sounds fascinating, but how is that possible? Fortunately, Instagram has introduced the feature of saved audio on the stories. How to use the saved audio on Instagram story? Indeed, you can save your audion in the music library of the application. You can go to the Instagram camera as per Howtomentors and choose a music sticker to add the saved audio. 


Can I use every audio from the reel?

Unfortunately, you can not find every audio in every region. Sometimes, you can’t get the particular audio though you can listen to it on another reel. Moreover, you should know How to use a saved audio on Instagram story. 

How to find audio for posting on reels?

You must be wondering How to use saved reel audio on instagram story. Therefore, you must find the audio from the story posting called “music.” 

How to post audio with reels on Instagram?

You can find the particular audio for the reels from the story posting gallery. Furthermore, you can adjust the audio on the reel according to the timing and speed. 

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