The Forest On Xbox One? – All You Need To Know

Moreover, if you prefer to play games on Xbox, you must wonder, ‘is the forest on Xbox one?’ Although the game has only recently been released, there are tons of reviews from players asking if they can play it on Xbox One.

If you are a gamer who loves playing outdoors, The Forest is the perfect game for you. The game itself is wholesome in which you must use your wits and survival skills while trapped in the wild. Moreover, you use your creativity and imagination to survive in the game. It offers captivating gameplay and excellent graphics that will entertain you for hours. 

Many gaming enthusiasts like to play games on whatever devices they have. Moreover, if you prefer to play games on Xbox, you must wonder, ‘is the forest on Xbox one?’ Although the game has only recently been released, there are tons of reviews from players asking if they can play it on Xbox One. How to Mentors knows all the answers to these questions! Stick till the end to learn everything about The Forest Xbox. 

What Is The Forest?

The Forest is a first-person survival game that was launched back in 2014. In the game, the player is the sole survivor of a plane crash. Moreover, the player relies on his creativity and resources to survive in the hazardous environment and the dangerous creatures that inhabit the forest. Besides, many PC players have enjoyed this incredible game since its launch. Many people in the gaming community are now requesting to release of the Xbox version of this game. Moreover, they can enjoy playing it on various platforms and its special features. 

Furthermore, the game also offers a ‘crafting system.’ It allows users to make their tools, armor, and other goods. Besides you can also build traps to protect your shelter. The game stands at a Metacritic rating of 80/100. Its gameplay, overall atmosphere, and graphics have received excellent reviews from critics. Furthermore, to know the answer to the most asked question, ‘is the forest on Xbox one?’ read below to learn. 

Is The Forest On Xbox One?

The simple answer to ‘is forest on Xbox?’ is No. The game is not accessible on Xbox right now. However, the developers might release the Xbox version of this game in the future. Although the game is already made available on PCs and PlayStation 4, the exact date for the Xbox launch is not confirmed yet. 

Is The Forest Coming To Xbox?

Many gaming enthusiasts want to know, ‘can you get the forest on Xbox.’ For now, there is no available version of forest Xbox one. Moreover, if you love this game and wish to play it on an Xbox console, you don’t need to wait much longer! The company plans to launch its Microsoft adaptation real soon. Although the date and time are not confirmed yet, you can enjoy the game on these platforms:

  • PS4.
  • Steam Early Access.
  • PCs. 

Additionally, Xbox one the forest sold almost five million copies on PC due to its immense popularity. On Steam, the game is frequently updated with new content. Besides, the most recent update is the additional area to explore with a helicopter crash site. So, you can play the game until it has the official answer to ‘is the forest on Xbox one.’ 

Why Is The Forest Not Available On Xbox?

Many still wonder whether or not is The Forest on Xbox 2022. The answer is it is not currently available on Xbox. It is because it is a PC-exclusive game. Moreover, the Endnight Games developers still need to confirm plans for Xbox the forest. Although the game was officially launched in 2014, it received its complete release in 2018. Besides, the CEO of Endnight Games, Joseph Walsh, said in an interview with GamingBolt that the company is ‘focused on the PC version of The Forest and has no plans to release the game on consoles.’ 

Are There Any Games Similar To The Forest On Xbox?

If you are searching for some games similar to the forest game Xbox one, there are only a few available. These games include:

  • 7 Days to Die.
  • Don’t Starve.

Moreover, both are survival games in which you gather supplies, construct shelters, and get through against the elements. While 7 Days to Die is more dramatic and intense, Don’t Starve is slightly lighthearted. 


To sum up, if you enjoy playing action games with intense graphics, you must give The Forest a go! Moreover, if you are a person who likes playing on Xbox consoles and is thinking, ‘is the forest on Xbox one,’ you can not avail of this facility on Xbox. Besides, until the company announces its release’s official date, you can play it on your PC or PlayStation 4 without hassle. 

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